Grade 1 listed site gets blown fibre infrastructure

Grade 1 buildings are of exceptional interest, only 2.5% of listed buildings are Grade 1. Any works on a Grade 1 Listed building can be a challenge, but fortunately we have vast experience in working within these conditions.

We were approached by a Grade 1 listed site that was having the building that held and distributed their fibre network demolished, and they wanted a new fibre infrastructure.

Through various project meeting and surveys we recommended that they implement a blown fibre solution into new ducting that was being installed around the campus. The concept behind the blown fibre solution is that the tubes, once installed, will give the customer a permanent dedicated network infrastructure, which will be upgradable, in the future, without the need for any ground works, re-cabling or system down time.

Based on historical experience of the product, installations done in the mid 1990’s, are still fully operational and giving the clients an up to date infrastructure.

The blown fibre installation, which entailed 11 separate buildings, was done in two phases.

Phase 1

Installing blown fibre tubing, site wide, into the new ducting. We had to link up all of the required buildings with the correct tubing size. This was to ensure that the correct number of tubes were taken to each location, and that at each of those locations they had enough spare tubes to expand their system how they saw fit.

Phase 2

Blow in the fibre Termination and testing all of the fibres required. During this time we had to mount communications cabinets on the walls of the relevant buildings. We then converted from external to internal tubbing and routed it to the cabinet location. In total there was 240 fibres run to various locations around the campus.

After we had completed the installation we were advised by the client that we had been the most professional and completed installers of infrastructure they had ever come across.

If you are interested in creating a future proof fibre network, please contact a member of our team.