Security & Access Control

Unfortunately on campus risks have significantly increased in the last decade, incidents ranging from senseless vandalism to violence have driven the need to improve security. Lineartron are dedicated to ensuring your campuses’ safety by delivering high tech security solutions that are customized for each location.

Lineartron offer both managed and self-managed access control systems providing management and control of who enters buildings, dorms, labs, and parking lots, according to the individuals defined privileges. The access control systems allow the lock down of any part of your campus in an emergency situation, and critically the access control systems provide detailed Audit trails which identify all activity within the system, should an incident happen. Management of the system including user additions, deletions and privileges can either be done in house or Lineartron can manage this for you.

By integrating your access control system to high definition video cameras, it is possible to verify a person’s identity with access control credentials, and images can be captured and stored for evidence purposes.

Lineartron provide high definition video camera solutions that can be monitored locally or remotely and can be integrated with intrusion systems, fire detection systems, and access control systems. Lineartron high definition video camera solutions can also provide solutions such as video escorts, video guard tours, video panic alarms, and video health checks, which can help to reduce your cost of operations by reducing the number of staff required on campus.