The speed and efficiency of digital communications have never been more important, from internal dialogue to communication with the world at large, the effortless, seamless connection of all of your systems and people is central to the smooth operation of your organisation.

Recognised by British Telecom as “the Best Cabling Company in the UK”, Lineartron provide a complete service, ranging from copper, wireless or fibre-optic cabling to high performance multi-gigabit backbones; including installation, configuration, ongoing maintenance and optimisation.

Network cabling is a key part of your infrastructure but is often overlooked and as a result can cause significant problems, however Lineartron can help to protect your investment in your existing infrastructure and ensure trouble free operation. Lineartron’s experienced engineers have worked with some of the largest and most demanding organisations in the world, resulting in a class leading network integrator that will always carry out high quality work in a way that causes as little disruption as possible to your organisation.

With a client list that includes central government, the Ministry Of Defence, the NHS and numerous schools, colleges, and universities, Lineartron implement the very latest technology, to the highest standards of quality and security.