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AV Upgrade at local Primary School

The beginning of 2016 has started with the completion of a large AV upgrade at a local primary school in Dorset.


The design brief was to bring forward their teaching spaces so that the children could interact and enjoy their studies in a new environment.


To ensure that we were bringing the right technologies into the new classrooms, we provided the school with test units of a variety of different makes and models of Interactive Touch Screens. We pride ourselves on being able to introduce these new technologies in an unbiased and neutral standpoint so that each establishment can make their own decision about what technology is right for what they are trying to achieve.


In total we installed 17 Interactive Touch Screens into the classrooms, and provided a media connection plate in each room so that teachers could connect their PC or Laptops to the screens via HDMI or VGA.


Upon completion of his installation the facilities manager at the school said, “Lineartrons work ethic and installations have always been of the very highest quality, and once again they did not disappoint.”


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