Access Control for Top University

The Client

For this project our client was a world-renowned biomedical science department within one of England’s top universities. Their research has life changing potential and includes the study of the cellular mechanisms of cancer cells that promote growth and metastasis, especially in areas of low in nutrients and oxygen. Understanding these mechanisms could give scientists and doctors a new way of slowing the growth and spread of cancer, making it easier to treat.

The Project Brief

The client approached Lineartron to design and implement an IP-based Access Control solution that would allow them to limit access to the rooms within their building. The system would allow access to authorised personnel only and deny access to anyone else.

The Solution

We met the aims of this project through the installation of a large number of Paxton P50 compact proximity readers and Paxton Net2 Plus 1 Door Controllers. These were chosen primarily for their compatibility with the other access controls already implemented in the building as well as their many other benefits. The Net2 Plus 1 Door Controller allows up to 50,000 students and staff to be added to the access list, and in the event of a power loss the data stored on who has entered the building is kept for up to 30 days. The P50 compact proximity reader has a working temperature of anywhere between -20°c to 55°c and an International Protection Marking rating of IPX7. This is tested by submersing the device up to 1m in water for 30 minutes and making sure no harmful amounts of water got into the case. These two factors makes the P50 compact proximity reader ideal for both internal and external doors as they would be able to withstand most weather patterns. With the installation of these devices, the needs of the client were met and the building is better protected from unauthorised access.

Alongside the installation of the access control system, we are also providing a maintenance contract for a year with the option to extend this, should the client wish to at a later date. This maintenance contract covers preventative maintenance visits to ensure that the system is in good working condition and to implement any necessary changes to ensure continued functionality. It also covers some of the costs should an emergency arise, to which our engineers will respond to as quickly as possible.