Lineartron is MoD and JOSCAR Approved and has been working with suppliers to the MoD since 1990, when it installed Fibre to the Desk at Whitehall. Since that time it has worked on some of the MoD’s major projects in the UK such as RAF Wyton, Abbey Wood and other secure locations.

The company has also undertaken consultancy, such as the due diligence for the Atlas Consortium for DII(f), supporting and supplying critical information that contributed to the consortiums ability to win the bid.

All staff are cleared to SC, as a minimum, we also carry clearance to higher levels.  This enables us to interact with our clients, no matter what the classification and at any location.

Because of our understanding of the market we have a Resource Supply division, LinearContract, which places cleared individuals, into specialist roles for our clients, on either a contract or full time basis.  This aligned with our IT and MoD knowledge, allows us to fulfil the client requirement on multiple levels.