Wireless Installation for Local Schools

The Client

Our client is a Multi Academy Trust, a single entity that was formed to strengthen collaboration and reach high standards of education at a group of local schools, and has a proven record of meeting these aims.

The Project Brief

The internet is continuing to become a larger part of our life with every year, and with it an increased use and availability of wireless devices, from laptops and smartphones to small programmable computers such as the Raspberry Pi and the BBC micro: bit. Because of this, our client contacted us to discuss the possibility of a wireless network that would cover the schools within their trust, both inside and out, that all students could access.

The Solution

To meet the aims of this project, Lineartron installed 128 wireless access points within the schools themselves, and a further 15 access points within the grounds around them, offering almost complete coverage of the entire site. With each access point being able to wirelessly connect to 512 clients, this should enable every student to connect to the network. The access points chosen were due to their improved throughput by automatically allocating users to less congested Wi-Fi channels. The outside access points are also completely dust tight and waterproof, meaning they will continue to work regardless of the weather. Further, with the addition of centralised network configuration equipment, configuring the network is made quick and easy, and real-time client admission control makes the network safer and more secure, helping to protect students, and the network itself, from online threats.