Wireless upgrade for UK charity

One of the many challenges to any large organisation is the management of their network to support and ever increasing demand from handheld and mobile devices.


One of our customers, who are a large UK charity, reached out to us as they wanted to increase their wireless coverage to support a new project that was going to utilizing wireless handheld devises to manage their inventory in a 100,000 sq ft warehouse.


When we met for initial project discussion it was clear that there were a few difficulties to overcome in order to deliver the project to the very high standard we hold ourselves too.


As the warehouse was in constant use during the working hours, we had to organise an out of hour’s project delivery plan, and liaise with the client to ensure access was allowed at these times.


With efficient project management and some very capable and hard work from our team of engineers, we were able to deliver the complete solution to our client and to a standard that we would be proud to put our name too.


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