Video Wall

Video Wall Design for Top University

The Client

For this project our client was a world-renowned biomedical science department within one of England’s top universities. Their research has life changing potential, and includes the study of new medication for cardiac arrhythmias derived from traditional medicines, and discovering the genes and biological mechanisms that regulate the development of the cerebellum.

The Project Brief

The client approached Lineartron to design a large video wall within the department’s reception area.

The Solution

With the client’s enquiry in mind, Lineartron designed a video wall comprised of 10 55” OLED screens in a 2×5 layout, and 3 soundbars to enable sound to also be played alongside the images on the displays. These OLED screens were incredibly thin, at less than 4mm thick, and have a generally better picture quality than LCD screens, with a greater contrast ratio and a wider viewing angle, as well as being able to produce true blacks, something LCD screens are incapable of. With the size of the screens and their quantities, the video wall designed would be the largest OLED video wall in the UK, with the full screen size being approximately 170″.