Sound System Installation for Emergency Services

The Client

The client for this installation was the training site for one of the UK’s emergency services. Their work helped over 24,000 people in 2017 alone and as such this training site is highly important to an organisation that is essential for the safety of the UK.


The Project Brief

Our client contacted us requesting that we upgrade the existing sound system used in their rescue simulation centre. Their vision for the training room was the ability to play and stop audio files from a button panel on a raised platform, as well as being able to control the audio from a tablet while within the room.


The Solution

For this solution we designed and created a bespoke button panel with light up buttons and engraved stainless steel cover. This allowed for easy use in the dark and prevented any water ingress. We installed this button panel on the raised platform and connected this back to an audio matrix. This matrix has a series of inputs, each programmed with a different audio file that can be swapped out when they wish to change or update their sounds. To allow for the audio to be controlled within the room we installed a touch screen panel below the elevated platform with a water resistant case that still allowed the touch screen to function as normal. In addition to this the software used to control the audio mixer also allowed it to be controlled via an app installed on a tablet, allowing trainers to walk around the room and trigger sound effects as they go.