New PA System for Airport Fire Service

The Client

Being in the top 20 largest airports in the UK, our client saw almost 2 million passengers in 2016 alone. With so many people going through their system every day, safety and efficiency are highly valued. As such, the airport has its own fire service, allowing a faster response to any problems that arise.

The Project Brief

Our client approached us with the task of installing and maintaining a new IP based PA system in their fire service. The system would need to be easily audible throughout the service so all staff could hear it. This would allow for a rapid response to any emergencies at the airport, making the site much safer.

The Solution

As part of this build, Lineartron installed a backbone for the PA system comprised of Category 6 low smoke, zero halogen cable. With its LS0H jacket, the cable is much safer for those around it in the case of a fire. Further, the Cat6 cable itself allows for the transfer of data at 1Gb/s, reducing the delay between input and output, and future-proofing the build.   The main part of the solution took the form of 17 ceiling speakers, and 7 Penton MSH30 30W speakers. The Penton speakers allow for speech to be clearly heard and are weatherproof, making them ideal for an airport environment. Combined with the 17 ceiling speakers, this allows any announcements to be heard anywhere within the airport’s fire service.   Since the completion of the project, we have also been maintaining the PA system. For this, we ensure that the system is fully operational, and prevent or fix any issues before they become problematic. We have also installed a new dual workstation in their fire watch room.