70inch Screen

IT Meeting Room Upgrade for Top University

The Client

This client is an engineering department in one of the UK’s top universities, and is one of the largest departments within that university. They provide a wide variety of research, including into self-driving vehicles, tidal-based renewable energy, and tissue engineering.

The Project Brief

Our client contacted us asking for an upgrade to one of their IT meeting rooms. This comprised of introducing new interactive audiovisual technology to the room, allowing for a better learning space.

The Solution

To meet the client’s expectations, we installed a wall-mounted 70” Smart Board. With an LED screen allowing for a clearer picture at up to 1080p, and a touch screen with up to 8 points of touch, this screen is ideal for an education setting. A digital media switch connecting multiple devices to the screen allows for easy switching between devices to be displayed through a touch screen controller.
Alongside this, we also installed an occupancy sensor. This device automatically turns the lights on and off when people enter and leave the room. This both saves the client money due to less electricity being used, and is also more environmentally friendly.