Fibre Installation for Top Independent School

The Client

For this project our client was a long standing customer who has a history of good academic and sport achievements. While the school has been in place for almost a century, many of the buildings on the campus date back far before this, with some of the buildings being Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings.

The Project Brief

Ahead of a large fibre project, the customer contacted Lineartron to help upgrade an existing fibre route and re-terminate their existing fibre. The surveys prior to the installation showed the fibre they had in place had a complex series of direct connections. This allowed for no flexibility for changes to the network and had no documentation to determine which cores were spliced to which building, making it unfriendly for users.

The Solution

From the survey, our engineers planned a solution that would be an upgrade to their current fibre solution and make the existing fibre that would remain easier to use.
A new 24 core single mode fibre was run from a nearby cabinet to a new cabinet in the main room we were working in. This provided a solid backbone for the network within the building and allowed for other nearby buildings to better connect to the network.
For the existing fibres, we cut each cable, cut back the casing and terminated the cores into new patch panels, each labelled with the building they connect to. Following the termination of the fibres, we then joined the fibres together using patch leads which allowed the existing hardware to begin communicating. The new design solution allows for clearer determination for which fibres are connected and gives the customer more flexibility for their fibre network, being able to use more cores for priority buildings with higher network requirements if necessary.
Upon completion of the installation our engineers used an Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) to test that all the fibre cables had been correctly terminated and were fully operational.